Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When the change began

Three years ago tonight, I officiated at our daughter's wedding. That was the year everything changed. Now looking back on that day/night, it was SPLENDID! Family and friends flew in from around the country. We put up a tent and hired a Gypsy Band and Liz and Jeff's swing-dancing friends literally "danced into the night" leaving us in rapt attention to the beauty of bodies in motion on a dance floor.
Earlier that Fall Martha's mom died after her battle with cancer. Then while attending the funeral, the Tea Fire devastated our hills, burning 12 church families' homes to the ground. Within 13 months of Liz and jeff's wedding, Isaac married Anna and Luke married Kelly. We became in-laws real fast and watched our children become couples and families in their own spiritual sovereignty. Later in the Spring my dad died and we had another evacuating fire.
Now we are in the exciting waiting phase of the birth of a first grand-child in January sometime. At that means that this Christmas is the first one in 32 years with no children or spouses around us Christmas Eve. Oh, we are fine! We are driving to San Diego Christmas Day after worship and will have a Provencal dinner Christmas Eve with a good friend.
But it's all different, a new time and new season with the same God. What a ride!


At 9:57 PM , Anonymous luke johnson said...

you are loved and missed

At 4:20 PM , Anonymous Fred said...

What a gift your children are! We still pray for your wonderful family and give thanks for the years years you were all here; God bless and here is wishing you a great 2012.


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