Monday, December 26, 2011

A Wonderful New

As the post below stated, this Christmas was a whole new experience for me. None of my children and spouses could be with us in Santa Barbara this year. I'm on the cusp of being a grandfather (any day/week now).
So Martha and I took this as an opportunity to start some new things (I'm not sure if they're customs yet). We bought a tree just for ourselves, smaller and funkier. Martha bought a bunch of clear bulbs of random designs and hung them from the center ceiling beam in the living room, creating this floating space. We moved the family room eating table into the center of the living room in front of the fire place. Then Martha started cooking, marinating fine cuts of meat in a wine sauce for three days (they were clearly unable to drive!). We invited a friend over who is also alone on Christmas Eve and, after the candle-light service, we ate a really long, slow, wonderful meal together.
After our friend left, Martha and I opened each other's gifts, just like we did in our first years of marriage. By that time it was well past midnight.
Church the next morning was really fun; different but fun. We did not think many people would come to a Sunday Christmas Day service following a huge Christmas Eve candle-light service, But they did, and they sang, and they stayed and hung out together.
Martha and I quickly changed clothes, packed up all the presents and drove down to San Diego for dinner with Isaac and Anna. Anna had a feast planned for us (a different post later).
It's a quiet Monday after Christmas. Everyone is still asleep (including grand-dog Lily) and I'm enjoying the bright quiet of the couch, a cup of strong coffee and life!


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