Saturday, January 21, 2012

Being Grandfather

Some changes are gradual and others seismic. I monitor changes in me with interest and sometimes sadness. I am changing, aging, maturing, curmudgeoning, extending and exploring. Watching the changing in me in our move to California has been delightful. Observing the changes as our children married and became distinct, spiritual entities is so much fun! Enjoying a new routine and pattern as empty-nesters is also fun (we love hiking together!).
And when Anna announced that she was pregnant, I prepared myself for becoming a grandfather. I listened more to other friends who are grandfathers. I thought of my own grandfathers and who they were to me. Then the call came on Thursday that Anna was going in for induction Friday morning. We left early afternoon and drove south to San Diego. There were challenges in the labor. Then the call came that they were doing a C-section. Silence. No news. Prayer in the car. Waiting.
The phone buzzed...there was a video of a squirming, crying little girl. Instantly I was a grandfather (Martha a grandmother) and it was not about us any more (as if it ever really was!). Isaac and Anna are parents (talk about floods of memory of our own experiences three times) and they were making all the big, early decisions well. Our job: to watch, pray, support and not get in the way. Whew! What a ride!
Off to the hospital.


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