Thursday, January 19, 2012

Preparing for a Playground

We are getting a brand new children's playground here at MCC! Through a generous donation from a couple I never met, a large gift was given with the intention that it be used for children. So the Director of Children's Ministry and her Ministry Team searched out option and interviewed playground companies, bringing their recommendation to the staff and then council. It will be so sweet; safe surface, age appropriate equipment, and fun and active. It will send the right signal about the priority children have here.
But....the old equipment had to be removed, an old, rusty fence removed, and deep concrete footings extracted. Our sexton, Tom Shank, has done superb work sawing off fence pieces and tediously digging out cement footings. Right now, the site looks like a war zone (or an invasion by very large gophers!). And we are not done yet. The other set needs to be removed (no footings) and all the bark chips from 20 years need to be shoveled out by a volunteer crew next Saturday. So, as bad as it looks now, it will look worse.
That's what good preparation does; it makes a mess. Preparing to paint, plant, move, or loose weight takes work and sweat and mess. I think my life often looks more like the photo above than the new. safe surfaced playground. But hope makes me believe their is purpose behind the mess, that God is at work digging and tilling, removing and scraping for his new plans. So, keep on digging Lord!


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