Saturday, February 18, 2012

Transfiguration: who stands with you

“Get it” is a powerful phrase. It can certainly be read as an imperative command to “go get it” as you throw a ball out for a dog to fetch. But when it is assigned to a person or an organization, that they “get it”, it becomes a strong endorsement that they are attuned to or ahead of what customers want/need. High performing athletes “get” where they need to be and what they should be doing. At almost every level of profession, those who “get it” perform better, achieve more and are depended upon for leadership.

Consequently, those who “don’t get it” are seen as lost causes and sources of endless frustration for leaders, teachers, parents and coaches. These are the ones who require enormous energy and deliver minimal results. The ones who “don’t get it” are the ones who surprise leaders in ways that are not good and pleasant. “Getting it” is an evocative shorthand phrase to describe capacity, potential and prospective in all sorts of fields.

That’s the question that lingers in front of the text for Sunday from Mark 9:2-9. Do the disciples “get it” as they are following Jesus? How many of them would you choose to be on your team? A way to answer that question is to read all of Mark 8 in preparation for worship. My prayer for Sunday is that together we “get it!”


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