Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bailing Out...a new trend?

Is it a new trend or am I noticing something regular and normal? Over the past months, I've heard several stories of planned events where people registered their interest to participate, help and even lead. But at the last moment they cancelled or just didn't show up.
Someone suggested to me that the driving reason for this is smart-phone calendars that show only the day we are in and don't show the details about the coming days (like the old paper calendars did). So that means when people promise to show up, they often do not realize other competing commitments until the day of the event. Students routinely tell teachers that they did not "know" about an assignment that was due or a test that was coming, even though it was on a printed syllabus or in the calendar, because all they go on is the day on the phone.
Is technology to blame, or is there something more? Are people more overcommitted than in other generations (can you say more and overcommitted together?)? Does our culture of immediacy and spontaneity erode commitment and reliability?
When I read polls about religious behavior, when people identify themselves as regular attenders in worship, that means once or twice a month. Is that the new regular?


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