Saturday, March 10, 2012

From This....To This

Several weeks ago we gathered around the empty site for the new playground to "break ground" only to find that the ground did "break" under the weight of the bobcat machine that the playground company brought in to prepare the site. A deep mud hole "sucked"the bobcat down into the ground. So we gathered and prayed.
Now, several weeks later, the playground is totally completed. Each day for almost three weeks a crew of two and sometimes three guys painstakingly prepared the site, filled in the mud hole, installed drainage, spread gravel, sunk footings. I know. I stopped by to monitor progress every day. I never know how complicated and precise a playground like this had to be!
It started as a dream by an older couple who loved this church's commitment to children. After they died, they designated that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their home go the MCC Children's Ministry.
What a surprise and delight in a tight economy and an always tight church budget to be mandated to spend money on children. The former Children's Ministry Director, Ashley Miller and her Children's Ministry Team reviewed all types of playgrounds and proposed this playground to the church council for approval.
When Ashley left the position and Heather Shennum stepped in as Interim Children's Director, she asked a friend of MCC, Dan Heckman, to act as project manager since Dan is in construction. Dan stopped by regularly to answer technical questions by the installation crew.
And now it's done. After a training video Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. for supervisors and teachers, the playground will be ready for children ages 5-12. Thank you Herman family for making this playground possible!


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