Friday, April 27, 2012

Church History...a mistake?

This was the outline for Confirmation last Wednesday....church history. The big trunk is the church from Jesus to the Reformation. Would 12-13 year old students be interested in this? Yes!They gobbled it up and we ran out of time. Frequently during the evening there would be an burst of "Ohh! That's where that came from!" And at the end of the evening when I asked them what they learned, one young girl said, "It taught me that we are lot more alike than different...we're all Christians!"
The church is so easy to bash and church history is so easy to ignore as a waste of time. As a pastor for 32 years within one denomination, I have seen (and caused) my share of blunders. I know it is organizationally inefficient, tediously slow to make decisions, overly homogenous and unfriendly to strangers, slow to adapt to change (if not hostile and resistant), and full of sinners, hypocrites and liars. Our history is speckled and spotted with one sin after another. I know it. I'm an insider and the son of a pastor, brother to a pastor, and son-in-law to a pastor.
But the church is the plan and church history is not a tragic error, needing to be forgotten because this generation will make it all straight. If Jesus is truly present where two or three are gathered, then we owe it to Jesus to discover how he worked last year, last decade, last century, or last millennium with the two or three gathered in his name.


At 8:41 AM , Blogger diana said...

Amen to that. Thanks, Don.


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