Saturday, May 05, 2012

Abiding & Pruning

Who doesn't like the image of abiding? The cool shade of a vine arbor with dappled light sparkling through is appealing. Resting, nesting and being still seems like a nice alternative to the frantic living many of us get swept up into. Abiding under a blanket near a fire with a good book and a good friend. That's nice. That's appealing.
But abiding follows another verb....pruning. No thank you. I like my branches and leaves and intertwiningness. I don't like cut branches and the scars left from hacked limbs. Denuded vines look ugly and stumpy, sitting there all alone in the dirt. But according to Jesus (John 15) abiding follows pruning. And the pruning is not self-service. I can't prune myself any more than I can do surgery on myself. I'm too timid and can't see the big picture of me.
But it's the abiding following the pruning that brings life and fruit into the branches. Been pruned lately? Abiding? I hope so.


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