Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lyon: contemporary to ancient

 Martha and I walked miles today in Lyon, a new city for us. We walked along the Rhone River to the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was totally devoted to the French artist Robert Combas (above). We met our old friend Ken Satterberg and new friend Adrienne Satterberg for lunch at the museum and then walked back into the old city (where we are staying) to see the Museum of Printmaking (l'imprimerie) which was a fascinating look back on Martha's medium, though it was principally devoted to the making of books and the evolving techniques of etching, font, and the mechanics. Below is an all-wood printing press that operates on the same principle as Martha's.

Now we are taking a break before walking again to meet Santa Barbara missionary, Dorothy Johnson for dinner tonight with other French friends in the art world. Is there a theme developing so far? All good!


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