Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcoming or Distracting?

Does standing at the door before a Sunday worship service help prepare the pastor and congregation or distract? My practice has been to make sure the facility is set up and ready long before the first person arrives (including making the coffee!) and then going into my office to read, go over the sermon, bulletin and pray...lots of prayer. I prepare like an introvert.
Recently a worshiper suggested how welcoming it is for her to have a pastor outside the door, on the patio or front steps greeting incoming worshipers. So I tried it. One of the first persons I met was a visitor who asked me if our church participated in a national prayer day? We did not organize and event, so she proceeded to admonish my lax leadership and prayer life in a nation in need of prayer. After maybe 5 minutes of admonition, I headed back to my office to settle down.
What works for you?


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