Saturday, October 06, 2012

Hard Heart?

         On Friday, September 21, I was in Los Angeles with Martha at the Los Angles County Museum of Art. Midway through the day, we saw a crowd gathered on the balcony of one of the stairways looking out. When we joined them, we were able to witness the NASA space shuttle making its final flyby before landing at LAX.
         I was surprised by the surge of emotions I felt as I watched that graceful space vehicle that has capture my adult life fly slowly overhead. It represented excellence and achievement. It reminded me of sacrifice and loss. It was uniting and community building. During those minutes, we talked with each other and celebrated its beauty as it passed in front of the Hollywood sign.
         When was the last time that your heart was “grabbed”? An infant’s giggle? A friend’s tear? A certain piece of music? A beach sunset? A hovering humming bird? If you are like me, it’s too seldom and too little. We fly at such a rapid pace, we miss a lot and feel even less. Our hearts are always playing catch-up with the rest of our lives and we have (or take) too little time to reflect, ponder or feel.
         In the text for Sunday, Mark 10:2-16, Jesus talks to the religious leaders of his day about a deep concern he has: hard hearts. So as you prepare for worship on Sunday, take a personal heart inventory. Where is your heart most tender? Where does your heart feel hard?


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