Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christ the King

            When does one season end and another begin? In more temperate climates, the weather and vegetation go through significant changes and a person can see, feel and smell change. In Santa Barbara a lot of change is seen in the skylight and position of the sun in the sky. I like the fixed times that spark change like Thanksgiving. As I write this we are anticipating the arrival of our daughter-in-law, son and granddaughter Elise. There will be great smells and tastes and laughter. We will call other family members not with us. And we will recall past Thanksgivings and reminisce.
         I’m intrigued about the news of protests over opening stores on Thanksgiving to jump-start holiday shopping. I understand “black Friday” and the urge to launch Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. But moving it a day earlier, into families’ festivities is triggering a pretty strong negative response that its “the wrong time.” Many people want to keep Thanksgiving reserved for food, families and football and save the shopping till Friday.
         Sunday, November 25 marks the end of something too. It’s the end of the church year. The church year is set up to keep a calendar about how God works among his people Israel and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On Sunday, December 2, we will begin Advent and the texts and stories that anticipate the coming of the Messiah. But this coming Sunday marks the end of the church year, a Sunday called Christ the King. There is no better image of ending than that of Christ on the throne, Christ ruling, Christ reigning.
         I wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. And as you prepare for worship on Sunday, read the text for Christ the King Sunday: Revelation 1: 1-8.

                                                               Grace & Peace,



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