Friday, November 09, 2012

Notice Anything?

Where do you most like to watch people? Do you enjoy watching people at restaurants, beaches, on State Street, or at airports? It’s kind of fun to try to read into people’s behavior in various contexts and settings. Often I surprise myself at how inaccurate I am in my assessments. My impressions are notoriously unreliable (just ask Martha!) In fact, I delight in being surprised.
            The rumpled old man in the nursing home is, in reality, a decorated war hero who saved many lives by heroic conduct. The mom in my office is an accomplished musician taking a break to raise children. The guy in the coffee shop is on the road to recovery after a long period of addiction and incarceration. I am awed by the stories of people’s lives beneath the outward impression.
            That’s why the text for Sunday is so fascinating. It’s Jesus’ last public teaching time in Mark before the Last Supper, death and resurrection. Take a look at Mark 12: 38-44 and note what Jesus sees. I am always impressed and moved by how deeply Jesus sees into the human condition. As you prepare for worship on Sunday, what will you see? What does Jesus see in you?


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