Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Sweet Spot

Something happened this weekend. It was a spiritual convergence not unlike what happens with music when harmonics sound over notes, when music builds on music. The three things that converged were the 6 Hours with God prayer retreat on Saturday with 21 attending, All Saints' Sunday this morning with a full service, new members, Hope Sunday and communion, then Taize worship tonight with 28 attending.
The 6 Hours with God was a pastoral gift of protecting people who wanted uncluttered time alone with God. As I noted in an earlier blog, it was such an honor and so inspiring to see MCC folk engaging deeply with God. I was humbled!
Worship this morning had the regular All Saints' processing of votive candles for loved ones. We worship in the mid-200's, so Martha and Jeanne put out 50 candles (more than normal). But when "For All the Saints" began, people began streaming forward to place their votives on the altar. Martha ran to the basement for more candles, I ran to my office for little votives and we used almost all of them up...over 70 filled the altar with light! Of the 25 Congo Kids assigned to us...I saw only 9 pictures of kids still up. The music and prayers, even my preaching had a hum about it.
Then tonight I returned to the sanctuary as a worshiper. I had no role whatsoever in Taize worship. Weary I sat. Then the music grabbed my heart and the deeply note driven songs in English and Latin, stirred me and swept me with grace. Here was my staff and volunteers taking me into heavenly realms of worship with the same text we used this morning Revelation 21:1-6...only this time they "preached" to me and I rested in God.
This is a good church! I'm so glad they let me preach.


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