Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Power of Showing Up

I can't get my head around the destructive evil that was unleashed on the children and adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. But I am moved by the power of those who showed up: the teachers who put their lives at risk to protect their students, the first responders who, typically, raced to the scene to rescue those they could and stop the violence, and the pastors, priests and rabbis who had no choice but to show up at the fire house when the bad news crashed home. These ones showed up for the long haul of grieving, remembering, and bringing healing words of hope to their congregants and neighbors.
I have done this job too long now to even question the power of showing up, even without words, but just showing up. And then, as the picture above shows, the houses of worship open up to do the same thing, to pray, to grieve, to mourn, to hope. It's what the church is all about at its best. It's there in the muck and mess of lives torn apart. I guess that is what Christmas is all about; God showing up in our mess.


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