Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thoughts on entering a new year

1.     It’s about 1to1 relationships
2.     Good church is messy
3.     Missed appointments are good occasions to clean up
4.     Interruptions can be golden
5.     As a grandparent, listen more
6.     Pets are nicest when you are young
7.     Ask more questions
8.     Out-love your critics
9.     Roadmaps are better than organizational charts
10.  Laugh more
11.  Let others in
12.  Trust God always…especially about money
13.  Visiting shut-ins is always good for the soul
14.  Ask more questions
15.  Try new music
16.  Stop correcting mistakes others make
17.  Keep re-reading old stories in the Bible
18.  Let God really surprise you
19.  Fuel curiosity
20.  Turn off the phone and computer
21.  Walk with others more
22.  Allow silent spaces in conversations (talk less)
23.  Let little children teach you
24.  Change your routine
25.  Eat new foods


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