Saturday, January 19, 2013


Amazing! Yesterday I watched an expert plumber install a new kitchen sink in our home. The project was riddled with challenges and unexpected obstacles, but he carefully figured out how to remove the old and install a new sink. Being klutzy with my hands, I am always awed by craftspeople who make things with their hands!
         What I enjoy even more is being surprised. I can form an opinion about a person by watching their behavior on Sunday mornings. They are a good dad, a nurturing mom, or a quiet student. But when I am invited into their weekly world and I get to see them where they live and thrive, I am always delighted to see where their real skills and gifts shine.
         In our text for Sunday, John 2:1-11, the four disciples (Andrew, Peter, Philip and Nathanael) had been following Jesus for just a few days (two or three) when they went with him to a family wedding. I invite you to read and re-read this story from the perspective of a brand-new disciple. Where and why would you be amazed?


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