Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Meal to Remember

We went to St. Jean du Gard today because our friend, Yves Pizant, was preaching. We arrived embarrassingly late, entering the door at the front of the meeting place, everyone stopped, and we were officially welcomed as "les Americaines" with everyone greeting as we sheepishly sat on the front bench. Yves and Marylene told us we were invited to a friend's home for Sunday dinner following worship.
We did not expect to enter Huegenot history! David (seen behind Martha) runs a Huegenot museum in St. Jen du Gard and has one of the finest Reformation libraries I've ever seen! We poured over 400+ year old books of catechism, hymnals, and works by John (Jean) Calvin.
Then we went upstairs for an entire afternoon meal that began with Boar pate and soaked chestnuts. The meal went on and on, with the conversation going back and forth from French to English, deep and silly, theological and political.


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