Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ales Methodist Church

We attended the Ales Methodist Church today with Yves & Marylene. Located in the heart of old Ales and in a non-descipt office building, we were warmly welcomed as worship began. The songs were led by organ, flute, keyboard and drum box a guy sits on. We sang 8 songs. 3 times we sang 2 songs back to back. Words were projected on the screen with hymnals nowhere to be found. Half the congregation stood and half were seated during the singing. Singing was enthusiastic and fun!
Worship was led by a layman. After singing and some random Scripture readings, the lay leader opened worship for spontaneous prayer. Maybe 6 people (men & women) prayed, with everyone joining them with an "Amen!"
Then the pastor stood up to speak. He is young (relative to me!) and enthusiastic. he spoke on I Cor 16:1ff on the need to bring monetary gifts to the church. It was a pretty bold sermon (for what I could grab in the French). After the sermon (20-30 min) he closed with prayer and then came announcements which the pastor read and commented upon. The congregation made comments during announcements, clarifying locations, dates and times (something we pastors never seem to get completely right!).
After announcements we were in luck to stay for an annual meeting. A woman got up and made a treasurer's report (deficit) and ready in really fast French the minutes from the last meeting and it was over...whooosh!
Two things I thought about: what would announcements be like at the end of worship, linking Sunday with our life together? What would more congregational, spontaneous prayer be like?


At 9:15 AM , Blogger diana said...

Love BOTH those questions, Don.


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