Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sabbatical Update

We are now into our second week of sabbatical. We are establishing a good rhythm of morning reading and writing and then some physical activity. I get up when it's still dark, make coffee, light a candle and read for a couple of hours until Martha wakes. We have breakfast together and then go our separate ways: her to her studio/bedroom and me to my Bible, books and comfortable chair. We do that till noon.
Yesterday after lunch we drove to the town of Anduze (pictured below). We parked in the parking lot just above the little bridge on the left of the screen and we began hiking up. A couple hours later and about 2,000 feet up, we were looking down on the town and the spectacular hills of the Cevenne.
Of course, that hike required a long coffee break and some shopping for baby clothes (we are now shopping for two!).
By the time we got home, it was dinner time, and a quiet evening. We do not have wifi in our apartment (much to the chagrin of our owner/friends) but the by-product is intense quiet. No TV, no internet (I will upload this standing outside beneath our friends' window and it's too chilly to stay very long...1 degree C !)
What is amazingly wonderful is the prolonged time I have to think. No phone calls, no meetings, no media distractions!


At 9:12 AM , Blogger diana said...

So. . . Ruth told me you've been blogging!! Good for you - now I'm playing catch up. Is there any way to subscribe to your blog??


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