Saturday, February 09, 2013

Transfiguration: a personal turning point

Transfiguration Sunday has always been about the turning point; from teaching to sacrificing, from journeying North into Galilee to South towards Jerusalem, from building disciples to taking on the powers.
I love the visuals. I love symbols and images. That's what launched my first sabbatical project on sacred space where I explored 29 Romanesque churches in southern France looking for qualities, components, aspects of sacred space. And I found them. I stumbled upon 8 aspects that need to be in place for a space to be sacred: transcendence, immanence, time, safety, leadership, beauty, meaning, and truth.
But I kept coming back to time. What makes time sacred? Is it following a liturgical calendar? That helps put my individual life into a larger time frame of holy history: of Israel, Jesus and the church. Is sacred time found in carving out a solid devotional routine of reading, praying and writing? Again, that helps to have time set aside for God's Word and prayers of adoration, confession, intercession and quietness.
So as I begin a sabbatical period that corresponds with Lent, I'm asking God to help me listen deeper and watch less. To go from visual distraction to audible attentiveness. What does that look like? Don't have a clue.


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