Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Do You See part 2

Yesterday we visited Sete to see a Contemporary Art Museum. Mentioned below it on Google was something called "Musee International des Arts Modeste"  That was too intriguing to pass up. So Martha and I walked to the other side of the canal and found this "art museum." While we were able to enter to regional contemporary art museum for free, this one charge 5 Euros per/person to enter.
What met us inside the door was this above, a trailer ("caravan") filled with random collections of toys and stuff. The next level of the museum was filled with display cases of randomly collected cultural objects: bottle caps, soap containers, toys, toys and more toys. There were Elvis collections and star wars collections. It was chaotic and busy. I could not wait to leave.
What made this experience different was that the museum was "founded" by the artist for self-promotion on the shirt-tails of other legitimate, curated museums. This was a museum that funded him!
The world of self promotion is not limited to one culture.


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