Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Do You See?

On Wednesday we drove south the the coastal city of Sete to see the Center for Regional Contemporary Art. One of my disciplines and desires is to go to contemporary art museums with Martha and see new art and artists.
The work above is by Olivier Nottellet. He designed three rooms with yellow and black and neon lighting. At first I thought "What? lines on walls? What's this?" But then I slowly followed Martha in through the three rooms and back again, and in again, and back again. Soon the lines began to draw me through the room and around corners and up into the ceiling.
I'm no art expert and never will be. But if I limited art to what I "like" I would stay with seascapes and sailboats, pine trees and lakes. This art put me off at first. I did not "like it." It was weird, it was different, it was not realism (I like realism!). But it did something to my eyes and my head that was not bad or disruptive, but stretching.
Hopefully I'm going in the same direction with sabbath rest and sacred space; too see sacred time and sacred space with new eyes.


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