Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where There Is Music

The light is just coming up. I've spent the early morning reading through the Bible. I just finished Ezra and am headed into Nehemiah and starting Romans. Both I & II Chronicles and Ezra brought something to light that I never made a correlation with before: when the people of God are faithful, there is music. Go ahead, read those long portions of both I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles and look where you find music: in times of trusting God in battle, in faithful worship, in rebuilding the temple.
But the opposite is also the case: where there is sin and rebellion, there is no music.


At 5:57 AM , Anonymous tim Johnson said...

I appreciate the perspective about music and faithfulness as I get ready for worship in Bloomington. Today a jazz sax player joins us. I pray that the morning will be filled with music reflecting faith. Pax Christi!


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