Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Day of Surprises

Wednesday was a rare, sunny day. So after an early morning of reading, praying and writing, we took off for the open air market (marche) and then off to explore. Martha read about a depression in the hills off of the Gardon River that we should see. So we drove meandering roads and into a village with roads so narrow I had to activate the rear-view mirror retractors to make it between buildings.
            We found a sign indicating our site was .3 km down a gravel road. So we walked amid the scrubby trees and puddles in the road till we found the site (above). It was as if someone scooped out a conical hole from the rocks. We walked the perimeter of the depression. Then we found a sign that told us what we were seeing: a huge and protected bat cave. Beneath Martha, to the right, the hill turned back in on itself and formed deep caves for lots and lots (I won’t guess numbers) of bats.
            On the way home we stopped by a local grocery store and pondered what to have for dinner. “How about Lapin?” Martha asked. We had not tried it this time. So we grabbed a package. Martha sautéed shallots in olive oil and then cooked the meat adding a spicy tomato sauce with olives. By 7:00 p.m. the room was filled with great smells and I cut bread, we ate the tender meat, rice and sauce and then luxuriated on cheeses (Tomme, Cammembert and Chevre). What makes the cheeses so good (to me) is that they are labeled “lait cru” which means (I think) unpastuerized milk. The flavors of these types of cheeses are so pronounced I feel guilty! 


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