Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We chased beauty yesterday all the way to Florac. In the morning I saw the dusting of snow on mountains beyond us. So, after lunch, we headed out to find the snow. We drove north out of our little village into the hills that nestle the town of Florac. To get there we ascended to about 2,400 feet and found snow on the fields and plowed along side the road.
            Florac is one of those jewel-like towns set in the valley between mountains. Through it runs a cold mountain stream. In the summer the town stocks trout from a hatchery (empty now). Because of all the rain and snow, the stream ran full and fast, giving a background roar to our walk.
            Visiting this town is something we do in our summer stays. It is always filled with tourists, campers and hikers from all over the world. But not on a Wednesday in March! The town was virtually empty as we hiked the stream up into the hills and found on little bar open for mid-afternoon coffee.
            We took a back way home, ascending to over 3,000 feet and clearly into snow drifts and fields still full of snow. We were alone on the road and overwhelmed by the beauty 


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