Saturday, March 02, 2013

No Pulpit Saturday

            I feel like the rest of you! This is my third Saturday without a sermon facing me on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong! I love preaching! I really do love leading worship and having the privilege of preaching. But weekends are really different without the looming expectation the pulpit brings. It’s also different being in another country in a home that is not our own. It’s not like we have a lot of chores to fill a Saturday like we do in Santa Barbara with laundry, housekeeping, yard work, etc.
            I still wake early, but read for sheer fun. We ambled through the area market this morning, scoring catches of cheese, eggs, meat, bread, veggies, buttons (yup, Martha likes to look at buttons) and pastries.
            Today we have lunch with friends from Nimes who have a family home in our village and a wide open afternoon and evening. Maybe a walk. Maybe a nap. Maybe a… That’s what Saturday is like.
            Tomorrow we plan to attend our third church since arriving here, a little Reformed church in the town of St. Christol that has taken an active role in an ecumenical outreach to area students by purchasing an old city bus and retrofitting it with benches and tables so students can drip by for lunch and conversations with a gifted youth pastor named Lionel. My only worry about Sunday is what time the service starts (almost all begin at 10:30 am).
            So, how am I getting ready to worship tomorrow not knowing the text and barely understanding the language and not having a bulletin (we have yet to attend a French church with a printed bulletin)? I’ll read the international revised common lectionary readings tonight and pray for the pastor who will be preaching. I’ll re-read the lessons in the morning and pray that God connects some of the dots. Then I’ll go to church waiting to be surprised.


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