Monday, March 04, 2013

The Places We Go....The Things We Find

Each day we try to go for a good walk (read hike!). Today we went up and over our village and found a logging road off the back side. We followed it to where a small trail branched off down the hillside and we found ourselves just below the local cemetery for the two villages around us.
I love wandering cemeteries! They have some many mysteries and stories. This one is predominantly Roman Catholic. Most Protestants have private cemeteries on their family land (makes selling the family home tricky!). As we wandered through, I found two Protestant tombs. But then we started noticing the dates. So many men had death dates of 1914, 1916, 1917. These areas were almost depopulated of young men by WW I. In the church we worshiped in on Sunday there was a plaque on the wall listing fifteen young men from that parish killed in WWI. Then we saw a number of graves of children ages 10-15 who all died around 1920-23 when we are sure there were epidemics. Some of the birth dates were early 1800's when the mines began around here. Oh the stories these tombs could tell!


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