Sunday, March 03, 2013

Worship: Sunday #3

Martha and I worshiped at the St. Christol Reformee church this morning. This is the church spearheading an ecumenical outreach to the local high school. Their long-range plan is to build a drop-in center. But due to lack of funding so far, they went ahead and purchased an old city bus, equipping it with tables and seats for students to have lunch together with a local youth pastor. 
The church (above) is unique in that it is situated between two halves of a police station! Bright signs "Gendarme" are posted to the left and right of the building! 

The pastor remembered us and greeted us warmly. You can see the heating system on the upper right below a window: overhead gas space heaters like MCC has on the patio! It works! And older couple led the music playing flute and recorder with lyrics beamed on the front wall. I guestimated about 40-45 people in attendance with a good mix of old, young and children. The sermon was on Luke 17:1-10 and he printed his outline, so I was able to follow a little bit (Martha much more!).
Refreshments after worship was on the patio out front. We were immediately greeted by the pastor and an older woman who knew our friends here. Another man who grew up in Algeria and spoke English came over and welcomed us. They were interested in why we visited and were eager to welcome us back. Four stars for this church!


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