Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My Perch

            This is my perch. Our apartment is in the lower unit seen next to the power pole. The weather has been most helpful for writing: grey, cold and rainy. My routine is monkish with a twist. I rise before light and make coffee. I dress warmly and read in the Bible for at least an hour (about 3 cups of coffee). Then I retrieve emails and upload news sites (I have to go outside to do this). I read during breakfast, shower, change and dive into writing until my brain freezes (usually around 10:00 am). I get more email, walk around, or do something to unfreeze my brain and then go back to writing (with more coffee of course).
            I have been able to finish my long project on sacred time and sacred space. Now I’m working on a devotional project revolving around the questions God asks us. But I’m doing all this alone. Martha is busy in Bergen, Norway being artist-in-residence at a printmaking atelier. While spring is reluctantly springing here in southern France (not two sunny days in a row yet), it’s been snowing on Martha in Norway. I’m glad I’m here.
            What I’ve noticed as I’ve read and pondered:
1.     God’s questions are tough!
2.     Paul prays a lot for believers.
3.     Jesus uses a lot of imperative verbs
4.     Being faithful to Jesus is a battle
5.     Some people don’t make it
6.     The center of the faith is always Jesus
7.     The church is non-negotiable, it’s part of God’s plan
8.     Good people screw up


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