Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Through Germany

I left Metz, France this morning and drove through morning fog to the autobahn. As I followed slow trucks I looked into the forests and was sure I saw remnants of trenches. But for which war(s)? There has been so much blood shed over centuries here. I drove mostly in silence pondering...my grandfather who fought in France in WWI and my dad who fought in Germany in WWII.
Then I noticed all the wind farms with those huge blades circling slowly. What do they get that we don't?
Autobahn driving is a kick! Who buys all those Mercedes and Audis? When I was driving in the right lane at 130 km/hr I was passed like I was standing still. They really drive fast!
So I've driven about 1,300 km so far, all the way through France & Germany. What a privilege and joy! Tomorrow I head up into Denmark for a ferry ride to Norway Thursday.


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