Saturday, May 18, 2013


One of my favorite Sundays in the church year is tomorrow: Confirmation Sunday & Pentecost Sunday. The longer I pastor, the more I treasure the privilege of teaching Confirmation with Martha. The current confirmands and families delayed Confirmation Sunday till we returned from my sabbatical leave. Wow! That's an honor.
The text for Confirmation Sunday came to me in a devotional time in March in France: John 15:1-17. It is Jesus' instructions to the disciples to abide in him and his love and he promised to abide in them (us). That is the key! Over the long haul of pastoring I have personally watched those who abide...thrive. And I have sadly watched others wither away. Abiding or withering affects everyone in the church; from pastors and leaders to young people and new believers. A person chooses to stay connected to Jesus or not, it's that simple. The results are profound. 


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