Saturday, May 04, 2013

Another Old Stone

            We were taking a new hike in a new area St. Jean de Valeriscle (try pronouncing that!). I had been in the village weeks ago with Yves Pizant who preached at a little Methodist Church there. Martha wanted to see the village and explore the area. We found signs that pointed to a trail, so off we went.
            We crossed a little stream, went through community gardens and up several switchbacks to abandoned railroad tracks. Just as we reached the tracks we saw a gravestone. What was a gravestone doing way out here along railroad tracks? So I took a picture of the inscription and had Yves Pizant translate it for us that night.
            It’s a memorial to a 16 year old local boy who was killed by “a traitor’s bullets” during WWII. The community did not want to forget, either the sacrifice or the ignomy.


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