Saturday, May 04, 2013

Glider Spirituality

On this sunny and lazy Saturday afternoon, the air is punctuated by the sound of a propellor plane pulling a glider in slow and lazy circles higher and higher over our area. Then the noise vanishes as the glider is released from the towing plane and silently spirals around in the sky and the propellor plane heads back to the airport (for yet another tow).
I sit fascinated by the site and am awed by the gracefulness of the glider in flight. But it could not get there without a tow (Oh, I know that there are some gliders with power sources, but most don't). The glider pilot is dependent on the propellor pilot to pull him up, higher and higher to do what the glider is meant to do.
I'm not self-propelled spiritually, but towed to any heights I ever reach. I am grateful for the "pilots" like my father, great teachers in both college and seminary, inspiring writers, a profoundly deep wife, a great colleagues and friends over the years who "pull" me up and help me glide. I am grateful for churches like the one I serve now, who trust me, challenge me, encourage me and love me.


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