Sunday, June 09, 2013

Preparing for Worship...how do you do it?

Sunday morning is a hazardous time. Sunday morning is a critical time. I have developed a routine over the years that gets me prepared to lead worship and preach. I have tried other things, but often found that they fracture and distract me more than focus me. Here is what I do:
1. Quiet breakfast with New York Times
2. Be on campus at least two hours before start of worship
3. Prepare coffee/tea for congregation (sometimes like today...get a fire going in fireplace)
4. Read devotionally from contemporary writer then Bible
5. Pray for the day (I am using Scot McKnight's Sunday prayer as a prayer for me)
6. Read over the sermon again (maybe twice)
7. Mark the bulletin for transitions
8. Check email/facebook
9. Walk the campus in prayer
10. Talk through any changes with musicians and other leaders
11. Drink more coffee alone in my office and pray/meditate
12. Meet with worship team for prayer 15 minutes before start of worship

I consciously avoid meeting people before worship because I get too distracted by comments, questions, criticisms, and requests. After worship is a better time for me to meet and greet. What works for you?


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