Friday, August 09, 2013

Life-lesson from VBS

            It was the only place I did not visit this week during our church VBS called Noah’s Half-Day Camp. The place was a big open field above the church on Westmont campus where kids played all sorts of sports. So today, the last day, I walked up to watch an “innocent” game of tag. Each kid was given five clothespins to pin to the back of their shirt. Within the boundaries of the field, they were to “steal” as many clothespins off of the back of others as they could and pin them onto their shirts.
            At a whistle, the field erupted in running and squealing as kids simultaneously lost clothespins from their shirts and gained clothespins from the shirts of others. Then my eye caught one, frantic little girl who was bound and determined to not lose any clothespins. She was on the lookout for anyone running hear her, constantly spinning and dodging to avoid other hands reaching for her clothespins. The more she ran defensively, the more worry and fear filled her face. She could not evade attack and loss. But she had no joy in getting clothespins from others. Other kids counterbalanced their losses with gains, because they were running forward.
            A defensive life is a fearful life. If all my energies are spent on not losing, I have already lost. Hebrews 12:2 gives us the word to set our eyes on Jesus as we run the race forward, not backward. 


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