Saturday, September 21, 2013

In the House

Our house has a familiar and predictable layout and flow. My routine is to rise first, make coffee, get the newspaper, pour cereal and juice, eat and read. When I’m done with the cereal, I pour a cup of coffee and sit on the sofa to read the rest of the newspaper. Then, I shower, change and head to church for devotions and prayer.
            But this morning everything went upside down: both granddaughters are in the house! Elise (18 months) and Ella (3 months) are visiting us at the same time (with their parents). These two little girls are energy magnets. All attention goes to them. There are no quiet spots to cuddle with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Their eyes so capture me that all my routines and schedules evaporate and I find myself sitting on the floor with Elise and her latest discovery or holding and grinning at Ella. Martha and I marvel at what wonderful parents our children and spouses have become. And these two visiting families are their own sovereign entities, not just extensions of us, but independent and moving. Oh, and I forgot to mention Lily the dog. For this weekend we have a grand-dog with us as well.
            What this all means is that I know who is in the house! Our house is blessed with children, spouses, granddaughters and a dog, plus all their gear. Things are spread out this way and that and the sink is continually full of cups and dishes. We love it!
            In our text for Sunday, John 2: 13-25, Jesus entered a very known, predictable and familiar place to all Jews…the Jerusalem Temple at Passover. And from the moment he entered, everyone knew who was in the house! I invite you to read this text over at least twice, and slowly. What did Jesus’ presence bring? What did his presence do? What did his presence change?

Saturday, September 07, 2013


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