Friday, November 01, 2013

All Saints' Confession

I have not posted reflections or thoughts for almost a month. I have been thinking and ruminating, but  too fragmentary to put out there. A consistent theme is this: what's really going on? How do you know that what you observe and is measurable is really the most important stuff? When a person asks me "So, how are things going at the church?" With what facts and data do I respond?
Today is All Saints' Day and I am alone. Martha is in San Diego taking care of granddaughter Elise and having a great time. I have all sorts of open time and was pleasantly surprised by coming back from lunch to find a parking lot full of buses, filled with high school choir singers from all over California, participating in a Westmont Choral Master-Works. So with fresh coffee and some open time, I am being blessed by choral number after choral number. It's probably the biggest thing I miss here in California; the choir and pipe organ from Salem Covenant in Minnesota. Our music here is superb! Bob Gross is a masterful musician and arranger of voices and instruments from Sunday to Sunday. We sing great hymns and newly written songs. But there is no demand for the choral sound, so I supplement it with cd's at home.
But right now, I am an audience of one being blessed by the angelic sounds of choirs of young voices, many of the anthems I recognize and are deeply sacred. And it's on All Saints' Day, so the sounds that echo, remind me of the surround cloud of witnesses who sing with celestial harmonies. That's what's going on for me today!

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