Sunday, December 22, 2013


We Go Here…but don’t attend very often
         That’s the phrase I heard repeated recently buy a church member. She was asked to participate in a worship liturgy and she said yes, but had some questions about how it worked. Nothing is wrong in asking questions. But her caveat was that she and her family, while happy and identified with this church, did not attend very often. What’s with that?
         When the church I serve did a survey a couple years ago, respondents were asked to identify themselves by frequency of attendance in worship: seldom, occasional, regular. What was striking was that a number of those who called themselves regular indicated that they attended worship less than once a month. How is that regular?
         What does that sort of attendance routine do to the rest of the church and these sporadic worshipers? Are they receiving spiritual nourishment through other means (pod-casts, blogs, Facebook)? Or is it a broader trend of spiritual browsing, sampling, grazing like we do in a shopping mall and food court? A little of this and a little of that, depending on our mood.

         In talking with a guy who has not attended church in months, he said he really missed me, the church and was lonely, but his children’s sports schedule demanded a long drive every Sunday morning! Is the only non-negotiable, fixed routine a traveling league sport? What is fixed and non-negotiable for believers today?


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