Sunday, January 05, 2014

Missing Church

I’m waiting for church. I’m waiting for a Taize service to begin soon. I have no leadership role at all. I’m hearing them rehearse and am eager, hungry and ready. You see, I missed church today. Martha and I were up north in a remote area called Bonny Doon where I officiated at a wedding of a church girl last night and Martha helped a friend “do” the flowers. Do you know what “doing’ flowers means? Lots and lots and lots of work. They worked about two days getting bouquets and arrangements ready and the result was spectacular.
But “doing” flowers also means cleaning up flowers and all the gear as the rental folks arrived, the tent people arrived, and all the hidden business of making weddings happen. So, since I was no longer the officiating pastor with an important job, I was drafted to help clean up, pick up, and pack up. By the time we were done it was almost 11:00 a.m. and I had no clue where a church was. Oh, I did not mention that the site did not have cell phone reception or wifi for two days!! So we had no idea where local churches were.
I’m not a legalist. It’s OK with God to miss church. I’m not saved or holier for attending church. But I missed worship. Martha and I talked later today and cannot remember when we last missed Sunday worship. When we travel, we always budget church and worship into the schedule. But today it did not happen and something is missing for me.

So I wish 7:00 p.m. would hurry up and I could go to church!


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