Saturday, January 18, 2014


My friend Dave in Minnesota coined a term “house blind”. When I asked him what that term meant, he said that for men like him, if an object remained in the same place in the house for more than three days, it belonged there and he became blind to it. If he left his pair of shoes next to a chair, after three days, he no longer saw his shoes. Dave told me his condition was especially chronic with socks. I think he morphed the “house blind” term into “sock blind” as well because he was so terrible about leaving socks around the house.
         Now I’m not advocating for a new quasi-medical term, but it is interesting about what we see and what we don’t. What catches your attention and what do you miss altogether? What do you see clearly and crisply, and to what are you often “blind”? We “see” far more than material objects. We see trends and moods; we see momentum or stagnancy. We see joy and we see despair.
         The text for Sunday is all about the blind seeing and the seeing going blind. Read the story from John 9:1-41 


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