Saturday, February 01, 2014

Where did you lay...?

              Jon Lemmond and I returned from a week in Chicago Friday night. The event was the Covenant Midwinter Conference, where about 1,500 Covenant pastors from around the country (and the world in some cases) gather for worship, fellowship and continuing education.

            Because I don’t travel that much for work, I do not have a “travel routine” of putting things in the same place. Some mornings I felt like I was in a comedy movie, frantically looking for the room key, cell phone, or wallet, because I set it down in a different place. My brother roomed with me, and he would ask me, “Where did you remember laying _________ down.” That often triggered my memory and I’d find the lost object.
            The text for Sunday is John 11:1-44, the familiar story of Lazarus. The two questions Jesus asked Martha and Mary were: “Do you believe this?” (vs 26) and “Where have you laid him?” (vs 34). Jesus asked the sisters where they laid their brother whom they loved so much. Jesus asks us where we have laid that which we have loved and lost? What have you laid down over the years?


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