Friday, April 11, 2014

Jesus In the Garden

         My parents did not love gardening. My mother loved having a few easy to grow flowers in the front window box and my dad dutifully mowed the yard (until he could put it on my chore-list). Dad painted; oh he loved to paint! He would scrape and sand, paint primers and then paint on final coats and stand back with admiration. But he did not like gardens, weeding or watering. The only family member who loved to garden was my paternal grandfather, E.R. Johnson. He loved all things about the soil. So much so, that he drove it out of my father and uncle!
It wasn't till I married Martha that I observed and appreciated a gardener. Martha has to have dirt around her to plant in, water, fertilize, weed and protect from gophers, snails and rabbits. Martha battles for her garden. There is no way when you are around Martha that you do not know who is in charge of her garden. And when people mess with her garden (or I forget to water) she will speak up!
That's the way gardens are. Gardens are planned spaces with a plan and a purpose. They are areas of dirt that are shaped in a particular way that fulfills the intentions of the gardener. The gardener controls what is or is not planted in the garden. (Just try slipping in a foreign plant to someone else's garden!!). 
This coming Palm Sunday, the text comes from John 18:1-14 and it paints a powerful picture of Jesus in charge of his garden!



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