Sunday, April 06, 2014

Jesus' prayer for the church

As I write this from the calm beauty of Santa Barbara, I am aware of the deep pain and loss at Fort Hood in Texas, where another angry man with a gun killed and wounded comrades. That shouldn't be. The fort should be where it's safe, not more dangerous. Soldiering is, inherently, a dangerous occupation. They go into battle and conflict prepared and trained to defend and attack. Not being a soldier, I cannot imagine the stress of being always alert to danger.
But when they return to their base and are shipped home to a place like Fort Hood, they should be safe. It should be a secure place for them to recover, regroup, train and wait for another deployment. Instead, a gunman brought violence onto the base.
Church should be safe too. I expect junk to happen in the world outside of here. I expect to be misunderstood and even attacked for believing what I do. But here, on Sunday, at the"base" it should be safe. We should be "one" in Christ and "one" with each other. May Jesus' prayer for the church work its power here and in all churches today!


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