Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lambert Collection in Sainte Anne's Prison, Avignon

The Lambert Collection of contemporary art in Avignon, France is a museum Martha and I try to visit every time we are in France. The collection is unabashedly contemporary and pushes boundaries and limits for someone like me about what art is and isn't. Martha enjoys it because it displays some of the newer and unknown artists from around the world.
But the Lambert Museum is undergoing extensive (read massive) improvements, so much so that the entire building is closed for a year and its collection was moved to an abandoned Napoleonic prison called Sainte Anne's, ver near the Palais du Pape. So we decided to go have a look.

We entered through bars and dingy walls, still covered with graffiti from inmate or squatters since the prison was abandoned in 2003.

Each cell was used, transformed, repurposed for the display of art around the theme "Fireflies" which refers to fireflies caught in the night and desiring their freedom.

The doors were scarred and pockmarked from violence and neglect. The interior doors were all painted bright colors,

And the architecture of each cell was uniquely decorative with arched ceilings and plastered abutments. If you are in the south of France any time in 2014, it is well worth your while to see an art display unlike any you have every seen.


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