Saturday, May 03, 2014

So, how's fishing?

So, what ever happened to ___________? That’s a question I both ask and am asked. On weekends like this, when Westmont goes through the annual baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies, families and alumni return to this familiar territory answering the question above and asking it.
         This coming Sunday we will also be celebrating the confirmation of five of our young people. Confirmation is one of the most rewarding things I do. Martha and I have been teaching confirmation together since we arrived. This two year course brings us wonderfully close to 7th and 8th grade young people as we meet with them every Wednesday night throughout the school year in the Fireside Room next to the Outback.
         This year we hung as many MCC confirmation pictures as we could find on the wall in the Fireside Room, and it’s quite a display from the early years of Curt Peterson, Jon Ireland, and Diana Trautwein to our nine years of teaching. After the service on Sunday, refreshments will be served on the porch of the Outback/Fireside Room and you can go in and peruse those photos, probably asking the same question I started with “What ever happened to ____________?” By the way, if you note any missing years on the wall and have family confirmation photos, please lend them to the church for copying and framing in their proper sequence.
         The text for this Sunday is the last text in the series in the Gospel of John: John 21:1-19. It’s really an epilogue about the disciples, especially Simon Peter. When you read it, imagine someone asking you “So, whatever happened to Simon Peter?” Our text is the answer. Come and find out!


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