Saturday, May 24, 2014

Walking is what we do

One of the things people ask me about our regular trips to France is "what do you do there?" We do a lot of things: we drive a lot (in our first week 1,400 km, we go to art museums and historic spots, we shop for fresh food and cheese and get great wines, and we visit with more and more accumulated old friends). But what we do the most, daily and sometimes multiple times a day is walk together.
A day does not go by that we do not walk in a new place, along a new trail (or old trail), explore a new village or wander the streets of a familiar city, or just head off after dinner (the photo above) and walk a circuit around our little village.
We walk and talk, and we walk and don't talk. We walk holding hands, and we walk a distance apart. We talk about family, church, friends, our lives, architecture, history, art, and absolutely anything that comes into our heads is free to discuss. But we are not sitters and talkers, but walkers and talkers. The only time we enjoy sitting and talking is when we are off driving somewhere. We never play the radio, but talk to each other.
It's what I most love about France and most miss at home. My schedule is so filled in the evenings that it is a unique evening when there are no meetings, groups or obligations. The church runs on evenings because most members have day-jobs and also give up their evenings to serve. So, over the years I have learned to live with evening meetings. But not in France and not on vacation. Every evening is home here, with a good walk!


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