Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Charged? Rested?

Where is the most frequently claimed space in an airport? A charging station or wall outlet. There you will see all sorts of devices plugged in to get or keep their charge for their next flight. Some airlines now have plugs beneath the seats so you can plug in any device to keep the charge up.
            We (read I) are so addicted to our devices, that the thought of a device running out of juice is terrifying. We must keep a charge in our phones, tablets or laptops so that we can stay in touch, surf and download. So, when I enter a hotel room or a place where I will be staying, I find the plugs and establish my domain. When I travel to other parts of the world, I carry a bag of plug adaptors so that my devices stay charged.
            There is a whole sub-industry of charging systems and battery backups for all of our devices…because we must stay charged.
            This vacation for me was like a long, slow recharging of my mental and spiritual batteries. I have spoken on the phone only once and have received face-time calls only from family. I go to sleep when I’m tired and wake up when I’m awake and take naps in the afternoon, never checking what time it is. I know I’m charged (and charging) because I’m listening and hearing God’s word to me in fresh and clear ways.
            What is it about our culture that perpetuates chronic exhaustion and tiredness? Too many young adults (and young parents) I know respond to my question of “how are you?” with “I’m so tired!” It’s not just a couple, but a cadre, a cohort of always-tired people. Why are they so tired all the time? Is it that they have bad sleeping hygiene and can’t shut down because of addiction to their devices and backlogged shows and games? Is it because they do not practice spiritual listening and don’t have a source of good news and hope funneling into their lives?

            I’m impressed by the number of times the Bible connects “Sabbath” with “rest”. God instructs us to practice and honor Sabbath and, in return, promises to give us deep and genuine rest. Where are the rested Christians? Where are the rested pastors? Where are the rested churches? It’s time.


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