Friday, July 18, 2014

California Drought?

            The drought has my full attention. The drought has MCC’s full attention as well. We have drained the fountain to be compliant with the request to not use potable water in outdoor fountains that can be lost due to evaporation and wind. We have cut back watering our lawns and are getting used to the brown-look.
            I even heard of a new term this week called trunking. Evidently when avocado farmers go through a drought, they cut back some of their trees to the trunk and paint them white. That action puts them into a dormant condition and they need/use less water.
            But today I read in the Santa Barbara News-Press that the area vineyards are having an early harvest with “higher yields expected despite the drought!” Imagine that; fruitfulness in a drought! What will survive and even thrive in this drought, and what will shrivel and die? It will all be evident in the fruit.
            The same process works in the spiritual life. Jesus uses agricultural imagery many times in his parables and teachings. He is the vine and we are the branches  (John 15: 1-17). In that passage he instructs us to abide in him so that we continue to bear fruit. What does a fruit-bearing Christian look like? How do we bear fruit in times of drought and stress?

            I John 3:16-18 gives us a road-map and guide of what kinds of fruit God looks for in our lives, whether in rainy seasons or in drought. It’s all good news!


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